Summer Camp


We at Jonesboro Academy are so excited for this Summer! Our focus this summer is on the kiddos, we want them to have an absolute blast. However, we want each student to learn, to challenge themselves, and to enjoy a summer well spent! Each student will have an opportunity to participate in their favorite activities! From sports and arts, to outdoor waterfall tours and fishing lessons!. We have thoughtfully planned each activity, and are incredibly excited to experience them with the kids!

Additionally, as we have put an emphasis on learning, we desire the students to learn at each field trip we attend. This might be knowledge about sports, nature, history and even science. However, we also want them to learn while at the Gym. Furthermore, we will have Mrs. Sylvia teaching the students Spanish – 25 minutes per day, Sylvia is bi-lingual and will assist in this area. Our hope is that each student would learn basic fundamentals, and begin formulating basic sentences.

At the core of this camp is our students! We want to be impactful on their lives and character! We will push them to face their fears on the Rock-Climbing Wall and help them experience new things, like building volcanoes or experiencing nature.


  • Incredible Field Trips

  • Spanish Lessons

  • Daily Workouts = Fun

  • Gymnastics Instruction




  • Camp will run from 8AM to 5PM, with early drop-off beginning at 7:30AM and late pick-up until 5:30PM. If you have questions regarding time, we would love to help!


  • The camp is reserved for 5 to 12 year olds.


  • Initial $15 fee for group t-shirt
  • Camp will cost $135 per week (8AM to 5PM)
    • $120 4 Days per week
    • $95 3 Days per week
  •  Early drop-off and late pick-up can be added for an additional $10 per week.

cost Includes:

  • Snacks twice per day
  • Field trips throughout the week
  •  The best summer yet!

If you have an additional questions, please email Caleb at


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Field Trips

We are so excited for our field trips! We have picked various places for your kids to have an absolute blast. 

We want you to know:

1. SAFETY IS OUR FIRST PRIORITY: We have put a huge emphasis on safety, and we want you, as a parent to know, that your kids are precious, and deserving of the best care!

 A few safety measures include: 

 - Group Shirts: On field trips your kids will be required to wear a bright colored JGA shirt.

- Extra Staff: Additionally, on the trips to Memphis there will be additional staff to ensure safety for your children.

- Rule-of-3: We instill a rule-of-3, where staff and students must stay in a minimum group of 3 during the hours of 7:30AM - 5:30PM. 

2. FUN IS OUR MOTIVE: We believe these trips will be a blast for your children! As a staff, we decided to incorporate numerous field trips to make the most out of Summer!

3. EXPERIENCE IS OUR GOAL: Along with the fun aspect, we want your kids to have memorable experiences! We want them to enjoy new places, and see new things!

4. SAFETY IS OUR LAST PRIORITY: We want to create a safety-sandwhich. Safety first, safety last. In everything we do, we want you to rest assured your kids will be well taken care of.


Additional Info:

Please know, field trips are subject to change based on weather, availability, etc. Parents will be made aware before any changes are final. 

We have not included any pool time in the field trips. However, the gym does have inflatables with waterslides and we will have water games every week for the kids to play!


    • Yes, we are offering EARLY DROP-OFF starting at 7:30AM, and we are offering LATE PICK-UP until 5:30PM. This is an additional $10 per week. 
    • Currently, we are not equipped to provide meals and will not this summer. However, we are hoping this is a service we can provide in the future!