Jonesboro Academy

The King Family purchased the gym in 2014 and have involved the whole family in running the business. Jonesboro Gymnastics Academy has served the Jonesboro area for 3 years and will continue - to build athletes, to encourage unity, to instill determination - 

Dennis (Owner) says, "The gym has been amazing to be apart of; my hope is that, for each child that comes in these doors that they would know they have the ability to change the world. Yet, it starts here. More than learning gymnastics, we want to build character in these kiddos that they might be world-changers" 


Jonesboro Gymnastics Academy is the largest multi-sport facility in the area. Our gym consists of 30,000 sq. ft. of non-stop tumbling, cheerleading, and gymnastics. This past year, we added batting cages and Ninja Zone too! 


JGA - Photo 2.jpg


"I have been a gymnast at JGA for three years now. It has been an absolute dream. I love my coach, I love my team mates, and I love gymnastics!"

- MJ, Level 7 Team - 


"Tumbling with JGA has helped me excel in my skills and given me a lot of confidence in tumbling backwards." 

- Daniella, Senior High Cheerleader - 

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What is your favorite part of cheerleading?

"I love cheerleading!!" 

- Ella, Tiny Cheerleader -